“A four-year-old boy went for a walk and came back with a baby deer. He claims it’s his new friend

This tale is one of many instances where children have surprised us with their conduct. Can you picture a youngster of four years old going outside to play and coming inside with a fawn?

It sounds like a situation that belongs in a fairy tale. But little Stephanie Brown, who lives in Virginia, did just that. She couldn’t believe her eyes when her son showed up at the door with a deer.

Later, she acknowledged that Dominic and the cuddly Bambi resembled a scenario from a Disney animation. She took a few photos and posted them on her Facebook page.

Millions of internet users had the chance to enjoy the endearing sight of the four-year-old toddler with a woodland creature when the pictures went viral right away.

They were on vacation, Stephanie said, and they were getting ready to go for home. She was puzzled as to how the fawn ended up there given her young kid was playing close to the home at the time.

She speculates that her kid may have offered the pet animal a snack, but nonetheless, they bonded right away. They became buddies, and the child showed his mother his new acquaintance. The fawn was also unfazed and peaceful during the interaction.

Later, when the mother persuaded the child that the fawn’s mother was waiting for it in the woods, Dominic consented to part ways even though he didn’t want to let go of his new friend.

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