Animal found by police has worst case of…

There were several pounds of tangled fur on this poor Calico cat. The matter was fairly serious. according to, one of the worst. Her old owner passed away, although it appeared that there had been long-term neglect. Not just matted, either. Already, her fur looked like dreadlocks. To the untrained eye, the cat seems to be a giant tarantula when viewed from behind. Such was the state of this poor kitty.

Before revealing the cat’s face, she gently pans the camera through the thick, tangled coat. The Calico only seems finished. In a way, her life has been difficult. Think about having that much hair on your back.

The cat is literally just her head and a mess of hair when you look at her. Even her paws and hind legs are hidden. Jenn left for work since the cat seemed so distressed. She put the cat to sleep and began shaving.

There was literally a weight lifted off this cat’s back. She had tentacle-like locks of fur that made her appear as though she belonged in a science fiction film as a result of all those years of neglect weighing down on her.

View the complete video below.

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