Val Kilmer needs our prayers

Due to health issues during the epidemic, the throat cancer survivor was unable to participate in Disney+’s relaunch of Willow, in which he would have recreated his 1988 portrayal.

“As COVID took over the world, it became insurmountable,” says showrunner Jonathan Kasdan. “When it crested in the spring, we were preparing. Val resisted the impulse to comment as well.

He said, “We had to find a method to maintain the story we wanted to tell him about how his adventure was developing.

‘Listen, we’re doing this, and the entire world wants Madmartigan back,’ I remember telling Val shortly after this whole thing began. Kasdan continued. “Not nearly as much as I do,” he answered.


He gave me a hug as I turned to go. He lifted me, saying, “I’m still very strong.” Then I said to myself, “Wonderful.” In the first season, we started preparing for his debut. We didn’t manage to locate him till late in the procedure, to be honest.


Kasdan said Kilmers has the chance to appear in the upcoming series regardless of his choice.


We’ve tried to communicate with him in a way that allows him to be heard and felt, if not seen, Kasan said. “We wanted to honor his spirit while still leaving the door open to any future possibilities.

Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, but he did not announce it to the public until 2017. His ex-wife, 61-year-old English actress Joanne Whalley, and his kids Jack and Mercedes influenced his decision to undergo chemotherapy.

He first declined conventional treatment in the anticipation that his Christian Science religion would heal the tumors.

Additionally, Kilmer had a tracheotomy, a procedure that joined the windpipe to a hole in the front of the neck and significantly altered the tone of his voice.

But because advances in artificial intelligence technology made it possible for movies to duplicate his distinctive vocal patterns from recordings of him speaking, Kilmer continued to play Iceman.

Kilmer first kept his cancer diagnosis a secret. In interviews, his autobiography I’m Your Huckleberry, and his documentary Val, which is currently available on Amazon Prime, he eventually became more honest about his feelings.

In I’m Your Huckleberry, he stated, “I’ve been cancer-free for more than four years now, with no recurrence.” “I sincerely appreciate it,”

Due to voice damage, Kilmer said on Twitter that he found comfort in painting. But he added that whenever something is taken away, something else is given in its stead.

“I was overflowing with creative energy, but I lacked the voice to convey it. “Art gave me a healing experience,” I wrote. “I rediscovered my creative side and started writing and drawing again.”

Kilmer is a talented actor who recognizes the therapeutic value of art. Before or after receiving cancer treatment, many patients engage in various artistic pursuits including singing, dancing, painting, or crafts.

After a loved one passes away from cancer, some people use art as a means of expressing their emotions. It has been demonstrated that art has beneficial therapeutic effects on mental health, regardless of when or how you approach it.

It is true, according to a 2016 study that was published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, that participating in creative activities can reduce stress and improve mental health in as little as an hour. No matter one’s level of artistic ability or experience, the author claims it is true.

It can be challenging to understand how or why we develop various cancers, but it is crucial to be informed.

Risk factors for throat cancer include smoking, drinking, and the human papillomavirus, or HPV, which is frequently present in females and is linked to cervical cancer. The STD, which can affect both men and women, and throat cancer are related.

Doctor Jessica Geiger of the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center claims that HPV can cause cancer in both men and women. Throat cancer is also brought on by HPV virus strains that can cause cervical cancer.

Men in their 40s or 50s who don’t smoke or only smoke sometimes.

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