Delta Burke’s husband has stood by her for 33 years – even when through sickness and weight gain

A strong marriage can withstand anything. Today, many people no longer follow their marital vows because they now take them for granted.

But Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney have been wed for more than three decades.

Continue reading to learn more about the challenges this couple has faced.

As soon as Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke met, he knew he wanted to ask her out. But he was also conscious of his opponents because there were so many males who were interested in her. He recalled thinking, “I wasn’t going to let her get away,” when he initially asked her out. I already had competitors. Other people were asking her out on dates, and I planned to move in right away.

McRaney immediately sensed a connection and knew she was the one. On their second date, he asked her to marry him. The couple didn’t make their relationship public until May 28th, 1989, though, which was two years later.

Despite the fact that it took longer than McRaney had anticipated, he was nonetheless happy to have discovered the woman of his dreams!

Although this was Burke’s first marriage, it was McRaney’s third. But this time, he was determined to make it endure. Despite the fact that the couple was much in love, some didn’t believe their marriage was a good decision. Many of McRaney’s friends specifically prohibited him. However, he constantly disagreed with each of those claims. He recalls stating, “Why not?” The only people who can understand this madness are them. And she agrees. If I phone her at two in the morning while I’m on location, no big issue. She understands.


They were aware of one another’s challenges because they both worked in the entertainment industry. They were able to help and counsel one another on any issues they could have as a result.

When one of them succeeds, the other is their biggest cheerleader. Burke was McRaney’s strongest supporter when he received a Primetime Emmy nomination for his work on “This Is Us.” She stood there in the audience supporting her adored spouse while having tears in her eyes.
McRaney claims to have gotten a lot of comments throughout the course of his career as an actor, but the only one he takes seriously is Burke’s. When she says a performance is strong or could use some work, he can believe her.
In 1998, their marriage’s resilience was put to the test. Burke’s grandmother died, and her mother received a breast cancer diagnosis shortly after. Following a disagreement with the “Designing Women” TV series creators, she also took a sabbatical from acting.

Viewers began to notice the actress’ weight gain when she was featured on the program. She was found to have hypoglycemia, which may have contributed to her weight gain.

She had a terrible time with her weight. Dieting combined with inadequate hypoglycemia treatment eventually led to the development of type 2 diabetes. She saw several doctors and struggled to even get a diagnosis. I spent a lot of time on the road, Burke recalls. I felt weary. My physical well-being was off. Burke remarked, “Nobody could tell me what was wrong, but I knew there was something amiss. I allegedly had Epstein-Barr. It has to be something else, I knew. After doing the necessary tests, a doctor informed me that I had diabetes.

Because she was also caring for her mother at the time, she gave little attention to her own needs. Despite the fact that she was taking medicine to treat her condition, her doctor encouraged her to alter her diet in order to prevent the need for insulin therapy.

After a protracted battle, her mother was able to recover. Burke was grateful for her husband’s support, for making sure she took her medication, and for generally watching out for her. McRaney also triumphed in his fight against lung cancer in 2004.

She now uses insulin and is appreciative of McRaney’s assistance in taking care of her, particularly in administering insulin shots. He adored me when I grew to be the size of a house, she claimed. He has been there for me in both my good and bad moments. He still believes my body is fantastic, but I can vouch for the fact that it is not.

The couple stays active and takes care of one another’s health. Burke asserts that her health has finally improved.

At this time, Delta Burke has no plans to resume acting. Her husband McRaney doesn’t think she would return to acting, despite the fact that he also said he would want to collaborate with her once more.

McRaney doesn’t plan to retire there, but the couple does want to relocate as soon as they’ve bought a house in central Florida. Despite the fact that they are not wed, they have devoted their life to raising McRaney’s three children from a prior relationship.

Regarding keeping one’s wedding vows, the couple has set an example for the rest of the globe and Hollywood. They have our undivided love and best wishes. Share this with others to show them what a committed and solid marriage looks like.

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