A guy wanted to humiliate the bus driver by starting to record an unusual scene on the bus!

An unusual occurrence happened on a bus. It was a usual day, the bus was packed, and the driver was quietly driving.

After seeing something odd on the driver’s clothing, one of the passengers looked closer and saw that the driver had numerous insects crawling all over his neck and ears. The fact that there were hundreds astounded the man beyond comprehension.

He started filming everything that happened, and he later uploaded the video to Facebook. The passenger who recorded the incident, Primo Onipa, claimed that the insects were lice in a Facebook post and that he chose to embarrass the bus driver because he was so disturbed and disgusted by what had occurred.

Primo said the driver smelled bad and looked like he hadn’t had a bath or changed his clothes in more than a year. In fact, the unhappy motorist appears to have become accustomed to these little parasites in the images and they no longer appear to bother him.

Internet people were outraged after seeing the video on Facebook, saying that a man with lice should not be in charge of a bus carrying lots of passengers.

Blood is the food source for lice, which are tiny insects that dwell on the scalp. They spit saliva onto the skin when eating, which itches the skin.

The louse is gray or brown in color and about the size of a sesame seed. The female secretes a chemical in response to the ideal temperature conditions, ensuring that the eggs adhere to the hair. The eggs are affixed to the hair’s base at a distance of 3–4 millimeters.

The itching may not be apparent at first, during the early illness; it typically happens behind the ears and in the occipital region of the neck. Scratching the wounds increases the risk of superinfection.

Lice are difficult to see because they are little and move swiftly. But eventually, by covering the infected area with adhesive tape, they can be “caught”.
The worst parasites for humans are lice, which are detrimental to one’s self-esteem and self-image.

Experts assert that lice are not a sign of destitution or bad hygiene. Even the cleanest people can have lice. The biggest problem with them is that they can spread a variety of diseases and are contagious.

Look at the pictures of the bus driver, who is covered in hundreds of louse:

Sadly, the uploader removed the video.

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