This lady is getting popularity due to her real Barbie-like clothing!

Caitlan Redding, 22, loves showing off her body in skimpy clothing. She calls herself “Barbie plus size” in public despite the efforts of her opponents to make her feel ashamed of her size 62.

Caitlan vows, “I won’t let someone who thinks I’m big stop me from showing my body. I look excellent in low-cut, tight clothing or lingerie sets.

Despite the fact that the girl’s pictures had been the subject of debate online for a while, her page had a small, if not fully devoted, fan base.

However, a number of plus-size clothing companies have recently posted pictures of her online. Caitlan received a number of critical comments and was widely ridiculed.

Barbie, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be backing down as she declares, “I will not run.” I’m quite happy with who I am. When a well-known clothing brand shares a picture of me wearing one of their items, I’m thrilled. I’m sure I can’t be wounded, and I’m confident.

Critics claim she encourages obesity. On the other side, Caitlan is not persuaded.

“I don’t promote enormous sizes; I support self-confidence and pleasure, regardless of size,” remarked Barbie plus-size.

Sam Wolfe, a 23-year-old, and Caitlan are currently engaged. When they were both 15 years old, they first ran into each other.

Redding claims that Sam still loves me in spite of my size and volume, even though I was skinnier when we first met. I have every right to be pleased with my partnership, and I am.

Despite being content with her overall appearance and physical beauty, the girl tries to eat well and even exercise.

But regardless of how much or how little I work out, this is totally my decision and is not a submission to cyberbullies. As he stands by himself, Redding exclaims, “If I gain any weight, I’ll look like Barbie.

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