The group is referred to by Simon as “the finest dancing act we’ll ever witness.”

Never before have I witnessed such beautiful, creative dance.

The dancing group Mayya stunned everyone with their incredible performance, and Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell were all enthralled.

To provide a “secure and creative place” for exceptional female dancers in Lebanon, where women aren’t normally encouraged to dance, choreographer Nadim Cherfan founded Mayas.

The group goes by the name “the bold stroll of the lioness”.

The four judges were invited to sit together so Mayya could hypnotize them.

But at least for now, one of the dancers said, being a female Arab dancer is not entirely encouraged. We want to demonstrate to the world that Arab women are resilient, self-sufficient individuals. While we are present on this enormous platform, this is our one and only opportunity to do so.

Mayya is then showered in gold from the ceiling as the Colombian judge presses the golden buzzer.

Mayya demonstrated to the entire globe that they now merited all attention. In the future, pay attention to this dance ensemble!

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