Richard Gere discovered genuine love and discovered the meaning of contentment at the age of 70

The presence of love and a happy family cannot be bought with money. The countless failed relationships between multiple movie stars are the sole examples of this.

The fact that Richard Gere, 70, is so happy with Alejandra Silva, 37, his better half, however, suggests that people of all ages are genuinely susceptible to love.

Their friend didn’t appear to be very mysterious. Richard acknowledged that their mutual acquaintance had initially set them up. And perhaps when one person said, “Hello,” the cosmos had already broken. They were pulled to one another at that very time and thought their union would last forever.

Lejandra acknowledged that although she had many love stories, most of them didn’t start out as easily and plainly as we would have expected. The exact opposite of what one may expect is true: introductions tend to bring people together. And after she met Richard, everything changed significantly.

She stated that although it wasn’t just Richard Gere that made her feel uneasy, it did at initially. The couple exchanged vows in accordance with all the Buddhist rites and traditions at the performer’s estate in India. They are becoming more and more fond of one another, according to Alejandra.

Since their wedding, the pair has been committed to raising a conventional child. In order to maintain his relationship with his better half, Richard Gere had to decline a few movie offers at the time. At that time, they even went shopping and purchased a present for the Dalai Lama. When Alejandra was 35 and the performer was 68, they had a child.

Making your ideal partner truly happy, according to the pair, is the secret to happiness. Alejandra can’t help but speak up because she is frequently informed how much Richard Gere values her. The actor is certain that his lengthy marriage allowed him to discover true love.

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