“Perennial Bloom” by Lukas Nelson is a wonderful, gorgeous, and calming tune

American country music rock group POTR, commonly referred to as Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, is based in California. Tato Melgar plays guitar, together with Lukas Nelson on lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, lap steel, guitar, harmonica, and vocals, Anthony LoGerfo on drums, Logan Metz on percussion, and Tato Melgar on guitar.

Working on “A Few Stars Apart” by Promise of the Real and Lukas Nelson took a lot of time in the RCA studios. Lukas began the song with nasally guitar picking and nasal singing.

The melody quickly changed into an overwhelming feeling of passion and delight in the anticipation of brighter days to come. “Summer seed became my everlasting blossom/a summer of healing is not too far off.”

Lukas bemoans, “Send me drifting to the moon,” as he envisions his future days being spent with his loved ones. Promise of the Real spent almost three minutes refining the song for radio despite their reputation for long jams in front of crowds.

A few scenes from the day it was recorded are included in the song. It began with footage of the musicians walking into the studio, starting to work, and participating in the incredible song.

Lukas Nelson, a guitarist and singer, was accompanied by members of the band Promise of the Real. The cheerful and important song was written by the group, which also included the bassist Corey McCormick, the drummer Anthony LoGerfo, the pianist Logan Metz, and the percussionist Tato Melgar.

The song’s enthusiastic tune allowed even the audience members to participate in the chorus. This resonant bluegrass song seems to come from another time, when things were more straightforward and beautiful.

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