As Alleluia began to play, the skater reduced everyone in the audience to tears

Many individuals find it difficult to imagine their lives without skating, but Taryn Jurgensen cannot. In anticipation of the music starting, she stepped out onto the ice. She appeared to be planning a grand celebration. People used skates or other similar equipment to travel on the frozen surfaces of rivers and lakes. Jackson Haynes, the “founder of modern figure skating,” didn’t start the activity until the 1860s. He realized that skating needed a higher, more beautiful goal.

The sport of figure skating has a long history, and professionals have competed in many different countries. When Taryn is skating, she seems happy.

She had numerous practice runs of every jump and lunge she performed. Tarina has a beautiful combination of grace, sharpness, fluidity, and expressiveness. Watch this video and spread the word to your friends about it.

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