Years after a man takes up a small child who was abandoned on his doorstep, the girl’s mother shows up

A baby girl is left in a basket for a single guy, giving him the opportunity to begin a family. Imagine his shock when he learns who her mother is years later.

Paul Matthews, a devoted worker from San Francisco, California, who oversaw a fledgling software company, understood the value of tenacity. The business was prospering, but he soon began to feel lonely. When he realized that his focus on the expansion of his company had kept him from socializing, he felt relieved.

On his front porch, Paul spotted a child in a basket. | Source: Shutterstock

It didn’t really matter at the time, but he initially had the notion when he was thirty. That was all he could think about when he got there.

Paul, relax; it occurs to everyone. I think your anxiety is understandable because it’s usual for people to think that their life end once they reach a certain age. He confided in Dr. Liv Weaver, his therapist, who gave him the advice, “Don’t lose your cool; there’s still a lot of time.

Paul murmured, “You talk like it’s so easy to put yourself out there.”

It isn’t because you can’t make it be. I’ll just say that when you find the perfect person, falling in love with them is as natural as the first snowfall in the winter. Who was your ex-girlfriend, exactly?

Rose was her name. We haven’t talked in days. We had a lot in common theoretically because we are both IT experts. But in the end, we couldn’t cooperate,” Paul continued.

“Precisely. You coercively started dating a woman you thought would be good for you. That’s all I have to say, Paul. You could intentionally put yourself out there, but everything follows must be natural. “If you don’t, it won’t work at all,” Dr. Weaver told him.

Although Paul was aware that the doctor’s explanation made logic, patience was not one of his virtues. As he made his way home, he debated it in his head.Dr. Liv Weaver, Paul’s therapist, counseled him to practice patience and not to stress too much about his age. Origin: Pexels

When he came into his driveway and got out of his car, he was still mulling it over. Just as he was about to advance, he noticed a basket in front of his door.

He got closer and saw that it was full of blankets. When he suddenly saw the blankets move and heard a baby whimper, he was wondering how it got there.

“What?” he pondered. Someone dropped a child at your doorway, right? A very young youngster with beautiful blue eyes was staring up at him when he parted the blankets.

The infant peered at Paul with her small hands up, pleading to be taken up, as Paul got down on his knees and began to coo at her.

He reasoned, “I can’t leave her out here.” Then, while carrying the basket, he carried the baby inside.

“There. There. No worries, my dear. I have you, therefore you’re good.

Unexpectedly, the young girl stopped crying, and Paul unintentionally fell in love with her. He realized he would need to call the police because she was still pretty little or else she would probably be adopted right away.

Would I be allowed to take her in, though? he wondered. However, he didn’t think social services would allow a child’s single, workaholic father to be a parent.Paul had no intention of falling in love with the tiny girl, but as soon as she stopped crying, he did | Source: Pexels

He determined to attempt. He reassured himself, “The worst they can do is rule me out.”

After making his decision, Paul dialed the non-emergency number and spoke with a kind dispatcher. After an hour, a social worker named Tonia and three police officers finally showed up.

“Excuse me, ma’am. Will this baby be available for me to adopt? He made a precise query to her.

The question “Do you have a wife?” Tonia inquired right away, and when Paul said he didn’t, she scowled. “I have no idea, Mr. Matthews. It might be challenging.

However, this child was abandoned on my porch. Undoubtedly, there is a reason for it. What if she is sought for by her biological parents?

“Do you have any idea who might have left this baby here, Mr. Matthews?” a police officer interrupted them.

“I don’t know. My instinct, though, tells me to keep the baby with me. I’m not sure how to put that into words. I’m grateful, Tonia. Is it really the only option? Paul sought assistance from the social worker.

Yes, Mr. Matthews, I agree. Why don’t we give this a shot? We can start the formal adoption process if your account is accurate and no one steps forward to claim this child. Tonia concurred.

Paul told her how grateful he was for everything. Tonia consented to the

for everything, she. Paul wasn’t bothered by Tonia taking the girl with her until she could be placed more permanently; instead, he concentrated on getting ready to become a father.Tonia, the social worker, consented to give Paul the opportunity to adopt the child. Origin: Pexels

Paul became her foster parent after the paperwork was signed a few months later. Despite the fact that numerous families had expressed interest in the boy, Tonia came through for him.

Paul promised to be the ideal father a child could ever have because he was aware of this. Now all he had to do was choose a name for the child to go by.

Paul selected Angel. Although he wasn’t particularly religious, he felt that the child was a gift that had come to him from above, and the name Angel was a good fit.

After the paperwork was completed, Paul jumped right into becoming a dad, and even after twelve years had gone, he was still grateful to God for sending down the Angel to give him a purpose in life.

Every time Paul needed help taking care of his child, Angel, he would hire a local nanny agency. Paul was a hands-on father. Mrs. Jones, his housekeeper, occasionally lent a hand as well.

Paul had no idea how to handle his daughter’s persistent inquiries regarding her mother, which was the only problem. He initially tried to postpone telling her the truth and didn’t do so until she was ten years old.

He told her she had been adopted and the events leading up to it on her tenth birthday. Although she didn’t panic, Paul was aware that she would constantly wonder where her mother was. Paul struggled to respond to his daughter’s persistent inquiries regarding her mother | Source: Pexels

I’m sorry, Angel, but I don’t know a lot about her. We don’t know who she is since we never met her, he softly stated. I wish I had more information for you.

“No problem, Dad. I just wanted to know. She might come look for me when I’m older,” Angel speculated.

“Never say never,” Paul advised.

Paul was getting ready for a trip one bright Saturday morning when the doorbell buzzed. When his housekeeper opened the door, she signaled for him to go downstairs.

I don’t anticipate anyone, so who might it be? As he descended and made his way to his front door, Paul pondered. He was astounded to see Rose, his ex-girlfriend, there.

She muttered, “Hey, Paul,” with a jittery smile on her lips.

“Rose. Wow, hey. It has been a moment. Why are you in this place? She unexpectedly showed up, so he questioned.

“Yes, it has been a while. I’d like to come in, she hesitantly inquired.

“Sure, go ahead. Please bring us some snacks, Mrs. Jones.

The maid answered, “Yes, Mr. Matthews,” and hurried to the kitchen as Paul escorted Rose to his living room.

“All right, now that we’ve exchanged pleasantries, let’s find out why you’re here. A while after we broke things up, I heard you left the city. What took place?” Paul queried.Paul was surprised to meet Rose after a long time | Source: Pexels

“Paul, It’s challenging to state this. But after we broke up, I found out I was pregnant,” Rose said, drawing a stern glare from Paul.

“I had the kid because I was unable to get rid of it, but I had no idea what to do with it. I was a 40-year-old lady with ambition. I’ve never seen myself raising kids. I was unable to handle it all since it was too overwhelming for me. I therefore took the only action that sprang to mind.

Paul was in awe. He most likely would have stayed with Rose and they would have had the child together if Rose had revealed to him that she was pregnant at the time.

She was pregnant the entire time, and I really wanted a child! Paul paused to reflect incredulously before speaking. You offered the child for adoption? Which agency? I have some contacts there. We can find the infant. Why didn’t you tell me, Rose? I was willing to pitch in. He sighed.

He would track down his biological child if he was anywhere out there. His Angel would welcome a sibling.

“Paul, no! Ugh!” Rose cried out in annoyance. “You’re really quite stupid, so I can’t believe you’re so successful.”


“The child was not placed for adoption. Rose admitted, shocking Paul for the third time that evening, “I left YOU the baby. He simply could not accept it.

You claim that Angel is my child, right? Is that accurate? Paul cried and questioned. Angel being gone at a sleepover made him joyful.

It’s the truth, Paul. I should have informed you. It would have made things easier for you. However, the truth is that I had postpartum depression at the time I left her on your doorstep. I still can’t believe I did that, Rose wailed.

Paul was astonished to learn that Angel was his child. Origin: Pexels

Paul was still in shock despite the strong resemblance between Angel and Rose. He didn’t know why the woman was coming out now, but it was great news anyway.

You have my belief, then. We will undoubtedly conduct certain tests simply to be secure. But first, could you briefly state why you are here? He asked a serious question.

“Paul, I want to re-enter into your life. If I can be her mother, I’d like to meet her. Moreover,” she started, but stopped.

“You already make a lot of demands. What more would you like? He enquired with suspicion.

“I’d like for us to reconcile. I would prefer to no longer be alone because we are both in our fifties. Don’t get me wrong. I adore having a career. But I must take the opportunity if there is even the remotest chance that I might have a full family. Rose sincerely confessed.

Paul was being startled by Rose for the fourth time. She was giving him what he had been hankering after more than a decade earlier. She was not at a lost for words whereas he was.

“I realize this is a lot to ask. But do think about it. Angel might still be brought up as a family if we remained together. Rose abruptly responded, “However, if you can’t accept that, I’ll take this to court to get my child back if I have to.

Paul could hardly finish speaking before Rose continued. My attorneys are confident that I may obtain custody of her because I have documentation proving that I was not in the proper frame of mind when I left her.Rose begged to be a mother to Angela and to be a part of Paul’s life once more. | Source: Pexels

Paul abruptly ended her with a sour laugh. In the end, there had been a catch. “How dared you enter my house and utter such nonsense? A danger? After being absent for 12 years, do you truly believe you have a chance of winning in court? You require a better legal representative.

Paul, it’s best if you calm down and stop talking to me like that! MY DAUGHTER is that kid. Rose yelled.

“Did you forget to tell me that she is also mine?” Before I contact the cops, you better leave my house, and don’t come back ever again. Paul shouted while gesturing toward the entrance.

Rose scowled at him before walking away silently. After she left, Paul made an effort to control his rage. Rose actually was Angel’s mother, so he was aware that things could not finish that way.

His daughter finally got to meet her mother, who she had always wanted to be. Paul contacted Dr. Weaver for counsel since he didn’t want to go to court.

For the sake of their daughter, the knowledgeable doctor advised him to reconcile with Rose. She deserves to get to know her mother and be close to her. Before things between you two really start to go south, you need to make that happen, she advised.

Paul called Rose afterwards to apologize for his rage since he realized she was correct. She returned the favor by acknowledging that she crossed the line.Paul and Rose finally decided to be Angela’s co-parents after several hours of discussion. Origin: Pexels

“I am aware that it seemed dangerous. But I just have my heart set on becoming a fantastic mother. She begged and pleaded with Paul on the phone, “Please, give me a chance.

After several hours of conversation, the two agreed to proceed slowly. When she was prepared, Angel would meet her, but Paul made the decision that they would not date.

“We are only able to co-parent. I learned from our disagreement today that it’s better not to try again. Families can take many different forms, Rose. Paul assured her that we didn’t need to be married to make things work.

Rose made an effort to counter but ultimately decided to accept his choice. After some time had passed, a DNA test was conducted, which established that they were both Angel’s biological parents. Paul then told his daughter everything that had happened.

Dr. Weaver assisted mother and daughter in finding a balance when Angel first displayed some reluctance toward Rose. In the end, Angel grew up to be an even greater success than Paul and Rose were thanks to their effective co-parenting.

Paul was informed that he made the right choice by Angel years later. It happened the day of her wedding.

Dad, I never told you how grateful I was back then.” “Learning the truth about what truly took place at the time must have been difficult. When your mother explained, you probably despised her. But you managed it since you were aware that I wanted to meet her. Thank you, Angel said to the man.

You are my kid. He accompanied her down the aisle while sobbing, “After I met you, my only goal was to make you happy. I’m hoping the man waiting for you at the altar feels the same way.

Angela made sure to tell Paul that he made the right decision by admitting Rose into her life on the day of her wedding | Source: Pexels

What can we take away from this narrative?

Make the best decision for your kids. Paul could have won that legal battle, but he decided to put his daughter’s happiness ahead of his because he was aware of how much she wanted to see her mother.
In case you’re uncertain, seek guidance. Paul was always aware of when to seek guidance. He received a lot of helpful counsel from Dr. Weaver, which enabled him to make wise choices that ensured everything turned out well.

Talk about this experience with your friends. It might inspire them and improve their day.

This story of a woman who adopts a child she discovers abandoned on the side of the road only to have the child’s father emerge years later might appeal to you if you enjoyed the last one.

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