“What a Shock!” Madonna, 64, forgot to put on a skirt and exposed her red underwear

Madonna, an American singer and actress, has once again stunned admirers with her appearance.

The 64-year-old vocalist of the songs “La Isla Bonita” and “Frozen” enjoys experimenting with her appearance. Along with changing hairstyles, hair colors, and expensive appearances, Madonna is well known for her fondness for plastic surgery. There have been allegations that the singer has undergone more than 50 cosmetic procedures, yet she has only confirmed 5 of them.

Looking at photos of Madonna, it is clear that the famous person routinely visits cosmetologists and would not object to receiving more hyaluronic acid or Botox injections to keep her skin smooth.

Every social media post or photograph is a genuine news flash. Since Madonna is the queen of controversy, she releases photos without worrying about response, occasionally shocking her followers and the public. The singer this time shared a brand-new image with her fans, but it appears that she neglected to wear a skirt!

In the photos, Madonna was dressed in a rock and roll outfit and had new hair that was black at the roots and red at the ends. Mesh, ragged-edged sleeveless T-shirt, and torn black socks make for a really rebellious look.

The singer’s form may also allow her to wear open outfits. In a recent interview, Madonna stated that she rarely indulges in self-care and exercises for five hours every day. At 64 years old, her figure may be the envy of many 20-year-olds.

Another reason to maintain a “young” image for the artist is her new love interest, who is more than twice her age. The 29-year-old Josh Popper has already interacted with two of the singer’s biological children (by filmmaker Guy Ritchie) and four of the singer’s adopted children. Because of this, neither the vocalist nor her listeners ever get bored.

Last year, Madonna dated a man who was 41 years her junior. It’s true that they only dated for six months before calling it quits. In any way, 64-year-old Madonna is still experimenting in everything and living life to the fullest!

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