Violeta had an unexpected divorce after 30 years of marriage, just as she imagined enjoying good times in her second youth. Only hope and optimism helped her regain her happiness again

“I’ve been considering writing to you for a while. I was ashamed and lacked the confidence to resign, but I have done so today.

My companion was considerate and had excellent manners around me. When our children finished school and got married, we wanted to relive the romance of our youth. We decided to build a house in the mountains to retire in later life.

My spouse told me he wanted to chat to me two years ago while we were watching television.

I had no idea he would tell me such terrible news. He discreetly admitted to being in love. with me, not so.He kindly explained to me that she is a student, that they have been dating for some time, and that he wants to live with her.

I was fortunate to be seated in the armchair. I didn’t even have the guts to face him, ask him questions, or demand answers. I could only tremble and inquire, “Okay, but what about me?” through my tears.

The very next day, he packed his belongings and left. Even though I was angry, I was unable to criticize the female who was the center of his attention.

I simply wished I had witnessed his development and hadn’t allowed him to depart. I received a divorce notice shortly after that. I was in such agony. The kids accused me of letting him off too lightly. But I didn’t think it was worth battling for him.

I thought he would come to regret the choice. I started a new life as well. I didn’t want to find someone else; I was only looking for serenity to fill the vacuum in my spirit. I traveled, made new friends, and became closer to my loved ones. While he was gone, I was in great shape.

After a long time when no one knew anything about him, my spouse finally returned home in peace. I was sorry for the guy. He looked bad and was unwell. He wanted us to get back together.

I didn’t start feeling angry or realize how much anguish he had caused me until that point. I had served as his “poor weather cloak.”

With a smile on his face and the same poise as when he informed me he was in love with another lady, I politely requested him to leave my home. I informed him that the woman he valued so much and for whom he abruptly left his family is next to him in his new home.

He’s single, doesn’t live with her anymore, and is still trying to patch things up with the kids.

Even though I take care of my life and treasure every moment I get to spend with my grandchildren, I would never get married again even if I did fell in love again. Because life is worth enjoying beautifully, responsibly, and subtly, even at 55.

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