Their lives were permanently altered by a wedding photo

In some cases, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more accurate. Emma Cotillard wished she had spotted something in her wedding photos sooner when she did.

After being married to the love of her life, Justin Cotillard, 33-year-old Emma was eager for a romantic getaway. But she didn’t realize how quickly the trip would turn into a nightmare.

One early morning, Justin started screaming at Emma to leave the room. Emma was extremely sensitive and reacted strongly to her husband’s unexpected acts because she was seven months pregnant. Only worsening occurred.

He was unaware that I was seven months along with our first child. He believed I was an unknown person, she said.

Justin, who was only 29 years old, found the symptoms to be much more troubling. The two were compelled to cancel the rest of their tour plans and return to England, where an unexpected telegram was waiting for them.Due to a dangerous brain tumor, Justin’s medical professionals predicted that he would only have two years to live.

Justin’s cancer treatment started on the same day that Emma gave birth to the couple’s first child, Mia, preventing him from being present for his daughter’s birth.

Despite the treatment, Justin’s cancer spread rapidly. Emma remembers Justin’s physicians’ frightening prognoses.

Before he passed away, they gave her two weeks to bring her husband home, she claims.

May 2016 marked the passing of Justin. Now the daughter of the marriage would have to go through childhood without her father. A brain tumor had not been discovered because everything transpired so rapidly. But Emma thought about it after that.

The right part of his face is droopy, as you can tell from the wedding pictures, Emma explains.

Emma has told her tale to the media in an effort to inspire others to get medical help as soon as even the smallest symptom manifests. Early tumor detection can either save or extend lives. To help Emma’s message get out there, please share this article.


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