Teen who wasn’t expected to live past 18 months graduates high school – well done, Braden

Braden’s mother begged for the Lord to lessen his agony by bringing him home after he was born. But it’s hard not to cry when you see this adorable boy 22 years later.
His parents were informed that Braden West wouldn’t have a long life after he was born. He had Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2, a genetic disease defined by the early fusing of several skull bones, which stops the skull from growing normally and alters the appearance of the head and face. This was the reason why.


Two weeks before their son was born, the scan revealed anomalies, and the heartbroken parents were informed of his condition. As expected, they became incredibly anxious and experienced a feeling of their world shattering into a million pieces.

In 2020, mom Cheri said, “I mean, he’s kicking in my womb and I’m begging for God to take him home,” adding, “It seemed like he was not going to have the back of his head. He appeared to be heading into the world with teeth. It appeared to be a dreadful situation.

When Braden was born, his mother immediately connected with him and became even more heartbroken when she realized she couldn’t do anything to help him. It was predicted that he wouldn’t survive past 18 months.

I pleaded with God to grant me access to him for a short period of time, Cheri recalled.

“There’s a picture of him when he was born and it shows his skull very well, a distinct clover shape,” Cheri said to The Owensboro Times. They realized he was not doing well and that he would not survive. To prevent him from passing away in a hospital, we took him home to meet everyone.

To everyone’s surprise, Braden began defying all odds, though. Unexpectedly, he began displaying signs of improvement.

He underwent more than 30 procedures, had a tracheotomy at the age of three, and once underwent an operation with a 10% survival probability, Cheri added. “We had to say our goodbyes, sign the DNR paperwork, and everything else. The physicians announced that he was fine rather than having bad news.

“What they told us is everything a mother doesn’t want to hear. What you can endure with faith in God is astonishing. Cheri said, “Everyone who knew us or heard of us was praying for us.

A nurse by the name of Michele Eddings Linn provided Braden with unwavering support in addition to the love and care from his parents and other family members.

Linn was by his side once when he was on the verge of death. “I just remember, you know, praying, ‘Lord just either take him home or make him better,'” Linn said.”Because nobody could watch him go through this again,”

Fortunately, he survived, and Linn claimed that Braden was the first patient of hers to have ever been allowed to leave hospice care.

Unbelievably, Braden prospered and even completed his high school education. He asked Linn to capture his images on the day of his graduation, and everyone who saw it was moved by the experience.

In contrast to how I once wept at the thought that his time on Earth was coming to an end 17 years ago, I now weep over the fact that he is graduating from high school and that his life is only getting started.Linn commented on a Facebook article.

Mom Cheri told The Epoch Times, “Watching him become this amazing young man has been emotional, but I’m also so proud.”

“Every emotion from the first few months of his existence came rushing back as I saw him walk the line. He isn’t supposed to be doing this, he wasn’t even supposed to be able to wield a pencil, speak, see, or hear… was all I could think. hence, here we are.

Because he was taken by helicopter right into the middle of a live performance by one of his favorite musicians, Cam Thomspon, Braden characterized his graduation as being ideal.

It wasn’t always easy, but I feel pretty good knowing I worked so hard to get to this day,” Braden remarked.

He not only completed his education but also was able to secure his ideal position as a firefighter.

Braden, who is now 22 years old, became a volunteer fireman with the Moseleyville fire department.

“Never give up… This outstanding young man who defied all expectations advises, “Keep ascending the mountain no matter how challenging it is because the view from the summit is incredible.

He is the epitome of what can be accomplished when we set our minds to it.

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