How to treat others around you well as friends. Specialist recommendations

Although maintaining a friendship over a lifetime is not always easy, the effort is definitely worth it. Keep what you say in mind. It’s preferable to refrain from making commitments you can’t keep, or at the absolute least, to do so infrequently. Explain the situation if you promise to spend time with a friend but there is actually a conflict.

Send your friend a gift and express your regret if you’re unable to attend. If this continues over time, people will probably assume you are dependable. Keep your word if you promised a friend anything important; else, you risk losing them. Be considerate. Open communication and support for one another define friendships.

Even if your friend makes decisions that differ from your own, respect them and be open to getting to know them better. If you want a friend to trust you, they should be able to discuss original perspectives or voice ideas that you might not agree with.

Improve your listening skills. Take the time to thoroughly comprehend and support your friend when they are speaking to you rather than taking over the conversation.

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