As four tiny girls line up, observe the adorable girl in the pink glasses getting ready for her Christmas dance recital

Four young females dressed alike perform their meticulously choreographed Christmas Dance on stage. They look stunning in their red tutus and black ribbons. Nevertheless, the female on the other end makes her own decisions.

The three girls start out by swaying together to the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”The attractive star to the right begins to sway to the music as she peers out at the audience.

The audience is fully focused on the tiny youngster who audaciously creates her own dances at the conclusion. You’ll see that she has a lot of talent, making those dance classes worthwhile. She has unquestionable stage presence.

I think the young girl with the pink glasses has some competition from her because she is so adorable. What a courageous person! And they are all excellent young individuals, to be completely honest.

They all provide the routine in incredibly lovable ways, and for their creative interpretations, they all deserve our admiration. They did a great job.

As the song ends, all the girls bow, and their teacher shows up to collect them so they can leave the stage. One of the dancers, nevertheless, is still moving because she is enjoying herself so much. She sprints back into the center of the stage to continue dancing.

I’m hoping that seeing this video would make you smile after a hard day.

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