A very different individual. What Does Paris Hilton Look Like in a Bikini and Without Makeup While on Vacation?

Paris Hilton is referred to as the “Eternal Barbie” with good reason. This blonde looked like she was stuck in the lavish 1990s.

The celebrity is largely the same on every red carpet (and in everyday life). She had a distinctive squint, pink lipstick, and cat-like arrows in her tightly curled blonde hair. Hilton still prefers “doll” gowns for children; her fashion preferences haven’t changed much over the years. True, he occasionally wears a plush tracksuit as an exception—remember how popular these were 20 years ago?

However, the paparazzi have just managed to get a rare picture of Paris, who obviously didn’t expect anyone to pay attention to her. The blonde starlet and her fiance Carter Reut were aboard a yacht. She didn’t have on any makeup and only wore a simple swimsuit.

As a result, admirers got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Paris in her natural state rather than the stunning blonde appearance she had painstakingly cultivated for years.

Paris Hilton and her fiancé Carter Milliken Reum are on holiday in Sardinia aboard a boat. Web embargo till August 26, 10 AM.

Many people believe that Paris is a completely different person without cosmetics and Photoshop. There is no denying the Hollywood heiress’s beauty. As shown in the shot, she has retained her youthful beauty and slender body. It shouldn’t be shocking that her fiance has fallen head over heels for her.

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