A surprising history behind this unique plant

I was shocked to learn what it was after observing this white-appearing fruit.
This is the origin story of the unusual plant known as the eggplant, in case you’ve ever wondered how it earned its name.

We all know that the long, purple crop complements a variety of cuisines. The eggplant is actually a fruit rather than a vegetable, whether it is simply stir-fried, added to salads, or used in more elaborate and traditional dishes like baba ghanoush or ratatouille. In contrast, it is regarded as a vegetable in the culinary sense.

Unlike the ones we are used to, eggplants come in a variety of shapes and hues. Actually, there are colors of white, green, red, and black in eggplants.

The term is a result of how much they resemble eggs as they develop. Like in the image below, which was submitted by a Reddit user and caused many people to ‘ooh’ when they saw it.

The eggplant is referred to by its French name, aubergine, in Britain and several other regions of Europe.

Because they are so bitter and nearly spongy when raw, eggplants are typically eaten cooked and work well in many different cuisines. They are a versatile and frequently used plant since they may be grilled, roasted, sautéed, fritted, or baked and are especially well-suited to recipes that feature light sauces or delicate flavors.

The white and purple eggplants are different from one another. For starters, the purple eggplant’s peel is thinner and can be eaten, whereas the white eggplant’s peel is a little bit thicker and should be peeled before cooking.While white eggplants are more commonly found in specialized markets or through online seed catalogs for home gardeners, purple eggplants are widely available.

Since they were first mentioned in a Chinese book on agriculture in 544, eggplants have been regarded as a mystifying plant. According to legend, the name was invented by European farmers in the 1700s because the seeds looked similar to goose and duck eggs.

A real delicacy, eggplants are without a doubt.

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