“What Happened To Her?”: 55-year-old Julia Roberts Showed Her Flabby Body!

Famous and stunning actress Julia Roberts was dubbed “Pretty Woman.” She was adored for her long legs, slender frame, and bright smile. She was regarded as one of the most beautiful and prosperous ladies in the entire globe.

However, everyone ages over time.

Knowing this, Julia made the decision to forgo using artificial means to keep her youth. Without undergoing any cosmetic procedures or beauty treatments, she decided to age naturally. Her supporters now, at the age of 55, appreciate her for being authentic and accepting her physical attributes.

Some others, though, are not pleased with Julia’s appearance. They think she seems older than her actual age. Even though she was on vacation, a photo of her was leaked by paparazzi. Many individuals have observed that she doesn’t exercise or maintain a healthy body.

They claim that she has the flabby physique of an elderly woman. Julia needs to take better care of herself, according to some.

She used to be naturally thin, but the signs of aging are beginning to show.

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