“Wants To Be Like Kardashian”: Selena Gomez In a Swimsuit On a Yacht Made a Real Splash On The Net!

Hollywood actress and singer Selena Gomez is vacationing at a resort and relaxing by the sea. The 30-year-old actress made the decision to take a yacht excursion once “The Building Murders” filming was completed. Selena had developed a noticeable tan while on her vacation.

Gomez set up a beach photo shoot on the yacht’s deck. She accessorized with golden earrings and wore a cutout black monokini. Selena opted not to wear makeup and pulled her hair back into a bun.

She posed on comfortable pillows with her eyes closed to show off her form in detail. On her thigh, she had an inscriptional tattoo that was visible in the picture.

Selena’s beach shot has generated a lot of discussion among her Disney-famous fans. They praised her natural beauty, complemented her breasts, and some even made comparisons to the Kardashians.

The response from users has been generally favorable.

Selena has acknowledged that the medicine she takes keeps her from losing weight. She made it clear that she had no desire to become a model.

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