“Skin And Bones”: No One Has Seen Beloved Princess Diana In Such a State!

Like many young girls, Princess Diana imagined meeting her prince charming and leading a fairy tale life. She gained the hearts of her people with her youth and generosity, and with her marriage to Prince Charles, she became an inspiration to millions of people.

Diana, despite being well-liked, struggled with insecurity and thought she wasn’t attractive enough, particularly in terms of her shape. She frequently described her physique as being similar to a swimmer’s, and she felt deficient in femininity.

Her health grew worse as a result of her marital problems and her husband’s lack of affection.

Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia, a condition that led to severe weight loss, is well-known. She appeared tiny and feeble as a result, with very thin hands and a little hunchback.

Diana was pregnant at the time, which gives those pictures an additional layer of worry for her supporters.

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