“Shame On Her”: While Madonna Is In Intensive Care, Her Daughter Posted a Photo In a Bold Corset!

As the 64-year-old music icon Madonna is presently being treated at a famous hospital’s intensive care unit, worries are raised. She was soon taken to the hospital and needed an intubation owing to a dangerous bacterial infection after being discovered unresponsive at her New York home.

Although the precise illness is unknown, bacterial infections can impact a number of different body organs and systems. There is now no set timetable for Madonna’s rehabilitation, and her scheduled world tour has been postponed indefinitely.

Fans are alarmed, but Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, appears unfazed as she posts a provocative photo on social media, drawing criticism and raising concerns about her priorities.

Lourdes has a history of using controversial tactics to attract attention, which frequently elicits a negative reaction from the general public.

The public’s support for her is expected to decline further as a result of her most recent act of disregard for her mother’s wellbeing.

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