“Miranda Undressed In The Bathroom, And Charlotte Posed Topless”: The First Shots Of The Continuation Of Your Favorite Series Have Already Appeared!

In the brand-new series “And just like that…”, the adored characters from the classic comedy “Sex and the City” are back together. The first two episodes of the follow-up made their HBO Max debut, shocking viewers with plenty of nudity and risky sequences.

Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte encounter scenarios in the show when they must undress in front of the camera. Charlotte is topless during private times with her spouse while Miranda enjoys intense sex in a hot pool and afterwards in bed.

Following a romantic experience, Carrie makes an effort to keep her connection with her podcast producer Franklin informal and centered on physical intimacy rather than emotional involvement. She asks her friends for advice on how to keep this arrangement going.

Carrie is having a fashion issue as she gets ready for the Met Gala. She makes do by improvising with her bridal veil and clothing from her marriage to Big in an effort to save her image.

The first season of “And Just Like That…” has ten episodes, and the second season, which will have eleven episodes, is now in production.

In spite of her initial reluctance, actress Kim Cattrall consented to play Samantha Jones, one of the show’s cherished characters, for just one episode, without interacting with the other members of the main cast.

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