“He’s Back In Shape!”: Brad Pitt In a Shirt Wih The Top Buttons Unbuttoned Appeared In France!

The 59-year-old actor Brad Pitt appeared much younger when filming an advertisement in the French Riviera while dressed in a chic white attire. He accessorized with sunglasses, a silver chain, and a gold watch while donning a white shirt, formal pants, and matching moccasins. Everyone was struck by how young-looking he appeared.

Brad was filming a commercial for the Italian coffee maker company De’Longhi. Karina Butt, an actress who donned a white blouse and plum-colored leggings, co-starred with him. They shot the movie in a stunning French winery.

Many commenters compared Brad to his character from the film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” saying that he appeared to have turned back time. He smiled and engaged with the workers, giving the impression that he was in a good mood.

Since 2021, Brad has served as a brand ambassador for the company and has highlighted his passion for coffee, characterizing it as more than just a beverage and a means of fostering relationships and appreciating the present.

In addition to the commercial, Brad has worked on a number of other projects, such as “Wolves,” a suspenseful movie starring George Clooney, and a Formula 1 movie. In addition to acting in these projects, he also produces them.

He is also involved in the production of a number of other works, such as a TV series and horror and thriller movies.


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