What Nadia Suleman looks like today, who in 2009 gave birth to eight children, having already six children

Despite already having six children, Nadya Suleiman gave birth to eight children in 2009. Thanks to IVF, all of the children were born; although it posed serious risks to the mother’s health, everything went smoothly.

We’ll tell you now what happened to Nadia Suleiman, a mother of 14 kids.

The mother sought to break the Guinness Book of Records after having already given birth to six children. She made the choice to have the most children possible all at once. After finding out that the woman had become pregnant with IVF and even had a large family with a controversy, her husband Suleman left her.

Nadia undoubtedly caused a stir in America when she gave birth to eight babies at once, but she was not inducted into the Guinness Book of Records because soon after, a woman in India gave birth to 11 children at once.

The mother now admits that it is difficult to raise children on her alone. The family as a whole spends roughly $5,000 every month.

Nadia has a sizable following of admirers and supporters on the Internet, but she also has her critics. The latter frequently think back to a woman’s turbulent youth. Suleiman has so far given up her wild lifestyle and devoted herself entirely to raising kids.

The twins, who are grown adults, try to support their mother in all aspects of life. Overall, the family appears to be very content. Mom prefers to spend her downtime at the gym, where she can work out while getting some relaxation.

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