Elvis’ grandson auditions for The Voice and impresses the judges with his rendition of “Love Me Tender.”

Dakota Striplin claims to be Elvis Presley’s grandson, and it’s hard to deny the link after hearing his inventive performance of “Love Me Tender” on The Voice!


This movie opens with a young man named Dakota Striplin playing guitar and singing in an ethereal manner. A judge spins around in her seat and puts her hand on her heart.

Another judge flips her chair over and says, “I need to see what’s going on here.” One of the judges expresses her happiness that this young man is present after the conclusion of his song. The fact that he not only sang, but also played, surprised the judges.

They ask him why he chose that song and that particular singer. According to Dakota, Elvis Presley served as an inspiration for him. It’s a running joke that he might be his grandmother’s grandson, who liked going to the theater. The judges chuckle as they recognize the similarity.

Dakota starts out by stating that his father rarely talks about his experience. While his grandma used to travel to Hawaii to assist with Elvis Presley’s performances. However, none of her other kids would travel with her to Hawaii save for Dakota’s father.

His grandmother experienced a more severe and emotional grief when Elvis passed away. His granddad is not really his grandfather, according to a DNA test performed a few years ago. According to this belief, Dakota Striplin is an Elvis grandchild.

Following the tale, two judges take the stage in an effort to be selected as his coaches. He finally selects the judge who cast the first vote in his favor. The next clip features Dakota singing in a knockout round.

Although we may not always be aware of our origins, we may always take solace in the fact that we have a constant identity in Christ. We are welcomed into God’s family when we accept Jesus as our Savior.

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