4 years ago, a man adopted an “unusual” girl who was disowned by 2 families: how the little girl looks and lives now

Luca always yearned to have children.

He chose to adopt a baby girl from the orphanage, but his personal life did not work out. He picked a girl who was not your typical young woman. The youngster was born with a terrible diagnosis.

Since taking a child is not something that a single young man can do easily, it took the man a very long time to gather the necessary paperwork. However, he gave it his all and was successful. As it turned out, the baby’s biological parents had abandoned her as soon as she was born, and all of the adoption hopefuls had trouble accepting the prognosis.

Despite the challenges, our main character decided to take charge of the girl’s life. He treats his adopted daughter like a princess and gives her as much time as she needs to feel like a typical little child.

The girl is developing rapidly now that she is an adult. And because of his writing prowess, her father has gained popularity on Instagram. Luca recently released his debut book, which was well received by readers online.

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