Kendall looks hot in a black minidress and a sheer top in new yacht photos

In recent yacht photographs, Kendall looks beautiful in a black minidress and a sheer top.

With a gorgeous red scarf and a small, sheer black dress, Kendall Jenner looked stunning. View the images below!

Sometimes, less really is more. On May 31, Kendall Jenner posted a smoldering black minidress with a sheer top and a flowing scarf to her Instagram stories.

In a video and photo, the 27-year-old supermodel can be seen killing the little David Koma gown while relaxing on a yacht in the moonlight.

Her slender underboob was perfectly molded by the dress’ translucent top half, which also covered her breasts with two red tropical flowers. She finished off her ensemble with a stunning crimson scarf and black stilettos.

In the brief video, Kendall straightened her hair, played about with her heels, posed, and generally looked picture-perfect. Screenshots from the video are shown in the images below.

Kendall’s amazing appearance is gradually gaining notoriety. At a Chanel event in April, she dazzled in a jaw-dropping blue translucent gown, and just a few days later, she sported a sheer brown crop top for a passionate date night with Bad Bunny.

Furthermore, sheer tops have been essential to her ever-expanding modeling profession. In a 2022 interview, she recalled donning one on her 18th-year high fashion catwalk presentation.

“I couldn’t believe I was there,” she said of attending the Marc Jacobs fashion show for a “Life in Looks” video. “I was pretty chill, even though my boobies were out.”

She was famed for wearing a sheer, light brown ribbed jumper with a harsh hairstyle and bleached brows. Of course, she was a natural from the start.

When she attended the Marc Jacobs fashion show for a “Life in Looks” video, she remarked, “I couldn’t believe I was there.” Even though my breast were exposed, I was pretty laid back.

She gained notoriety for donning a severe hairdo, bleached brows, and a sheer, light brown ribbed jumper. Of course, she had innate talent from the beginning.

She added that she was okay with the sheer look at the time and that she was aware of it. I recall getting a call from my agent and responding, “I’m game,” when she told me Marc and Katie [Grand] wanted to dress me in this revealing top. I don’t give a damn. “I’m fine with the nipple,” she declared.

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