Jen walks around looking sad because of her relationship withBen, who is tired of her

Due of her relationship with Ben, who is weary of her, Jen walks around with a dejected expression.

Everyone experiences moods where they desire to put on an old winter sweater, jeans, and sneakers while reflecting on their own. What transpired in the celebrity couple’s family?

Hollywood was talking about the breakdown of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage the other day after the network obtained video showing the actor angrily slamming his car door and seemed to be sick of his union.

J. Lo was utterly lost in her own thoughts as she went along the walkway next to her house just two days ago when the paparazzi were able to capture images of her.

The actress, who will be 54 in August, was dressed in a sweater for depressing evenings. It is a traditional winter cardigan with snowflakes that you want to wear in the summer to stay warm.

Lopez created the ideal look for giving into grief and introspection by teaming the cozy top with jeans and white sneakers.

Ben reportedly has had enough of Jennifer’s autocratic behavior. She is also made to feel guilty for his way of life, which makes her incredibly exhausted. Remember that before to Lopez, Ben Affleck had an alcohol addiction and frequently entered the camera lenses of photographers while quite inebriated.

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