Gisele models a LV swimsսit for a glamourous new campaign

Gisele is the face of a glamorous new LV swimsuit campaign.

On the beach, Gisele Bundchen upped her swimsuit game in a vintage Louis Vuitton print swimsuit.

Gisele Bundchen, the lovely Victoria’s Secret model, 42, once again demonstrated why she is the definition of elegance in a stunning new Louis Vuitton campaign! As she rode in the back of a limo, Gisele slayed a black LV print one-piece swimsuit paired with a pair of wide-leg white pants.

In images and videos posted to the Instagram pages of both Gisele and the couture designer, she can be seen with her arm gently resting on a stack of luxury luggage from the company.

She was also captured in a natural state while toting bags near the Miami Beach, removing her pants to prop up her feet on top of the rolling luggage and letting her sandy blonde, curly hair trail in the breeze.

In an eye-catching video synced to David Bowie’s popular song “Heroes,” the attractive model was seen exiting the limo and walking over the sand in her signature swimsuit before sitting on the luggage and taking in the shimmering surf. “For Louis Vuitton, Gisele Bundchen:

“Horizons Never End,” the caption proclaimed. Gisele Bündchen flies to Miami with her Horizon baggage in the upcoming Maison campaign in quest of the sun.

Many of Gisele’s 21.4 million Instagram followers and a flood of LV’s 53.2 million Instagram followers visited the comments thread to ogle the breathtaking images and video.

One supporter screamed, “GISELE! She’s the best of all time!” Another commented, “She never disappoints!” Another added “Gisele regaining her position as highest paid model!” while a fourth wrote “the queen.”

Gisele’s re-entry into the modeling industry seems to have primarily taken place on beaches and in swimwear, but this year she has appeared in a number of high fashion campaigns. She was first observed during the March filming of the LV advertising.

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