Eva in a transparent outfit shows off her tanned legs and more!

Eva displays her tanned legs and more while wearing a transparent dress!

How many times have we discussed the tendency for overt sexuality and transparent clothing during the current spring/summer season? It’s frightening to think that only recently have Kendall Jenner and Deva Kassel worn such items.

Eva Longoria did not, however, stay out of this controversy. By the way, it’s not the first time “Desperate Housewives” star has used translucent black.

The actress wore an absolutely stunning ensemble to the Los Angeles premiere of her directorial debut, “Scalding Hot”: a transparent black dress with a V-neck and a slit on the leg, minimalist shoes with matching heels, and a pair of three silver earrings.

First, it’s a genuinely advantageous decision for a formal occasion. Number two: fantastically shaped legs that cannot be captured in an image—you can tell right away who regularly works out in the gym.

And number three is the last. We now have yet another example that shows how to beat transparent clothing in a classy, unobtrusive way; in this piece, we’ve gathered some more suggestions for ideas. Get it, register.

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