Elsa tried on a swimsսit that will suit absolutely any figure! Life hack to create a beach look, as a gift

Elsa tried on a swimsuit that would look great on anyone. Life-hack to give the appearance of being at the beach

No one has canceled the time-honored beach traditions, even if micro-swimsits will undoubtedly enjoy special favor this season (thanks to zero, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski).

Consider the bottom of a high-waisted bikini, which visibly elongates any form and emphasizes the waist with a bang in the 1960s and 1970s.

Lena Perminova first proposed the concept of stylizing a piece with a laconic reading of safari aesthetics last month, and Elsa Hosk just made the decision to follow suit.

A patterned Mediterranean-style swimsuit with a ruched top and a high-waisted bottom produced by the Swedish supermodel is accessorized with a turquoise Fendi bag, black sunglasses, and hefty gold earrings.

By the way, Elsa chose a skirt with a fashionable large flower on her leg to match the swimsuit print when she was between swims on a yacht, finishing the look with a knitted purse in maxi size and leather sandals with voluminous embellishments.

It’s not necessary to invent the wheel; simply get a skirt or pair of pants in the biкini style if you don’t want to change clothes every time you go outside the sand massifs. Of course, not just for the sake of ease but also for the standard “didn’t take a photo – wasn’t on vacation” excuse.

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