Меntal problems! Gomez is tirеd of hiding the truth from everyone

Internal issues! Gomez is fed up with lying to everyone.

Selena Gomez receives a lot of online criticism for how she looks. Internet users already detested her performance at the Golden Globe Awards.

According to the most recent comments, the celebrity has mastered how to respond coolly to excessive focus on her physique. I have no interest in losing weight. And I couldn’t give a damn if someone didn’t like my body.

she once remarked. The singer discussed her stardom and her connections with Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham in a recent interview with Wondermind.

“I often think about the times when I felt nervous, stressed out, or worried about what other people thought of me when people went through what we went through and when they got so much attention. It always makes me insane, too,” she said.

Nicola defended her buddy and pointed out that the amount of online attention they receive has a significant impact on their relationship with Brooklyn. “I definitely have anxiousness, and I believe that’s a problem I have a lot of trouble with. “I just can’t read the comments,” the model explained.

About her subsequent remarks, Selena emphasized the significance of surrounding oneself with “people who are like-minded, but even more love you for who you are, and I think that’s what I appreciate in our friendship.”

“When you have nothing to do, that is when life is at its best. I’m such a homebody, but you can simply be with the people you love, and that makes me so happy,” Nicola urged her.

Recall that Selena Gomez’s movie “My Mind and I” was released at the conclusion of the previous year. The singer openly discussed her connection with Justin Bieber, breakdowns, and bipolar disorder in the photograph.

“I’m at ease. I’m furious. I’m angry. I am capable. I have many uncertainties. I’m still growing, I suppose. enough is me. The singer declares, “I am Selena,” in the movie.

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