Surgeons have disfigured the flawless face of Salma! Poor woman

Salma’s perfect face has been altered through surgery! Unlucky woman

When Salma Hayek’s new images were released, her fans were shocked. The Hollywood diva’s appearance changed, and she is no longer recognisable. Tatyana Ayupova claims that the well-known actress was undoubtedly helped by surgeons and cosmetologists.

Even the operations that the 56-year-old Hayek may select were outlined by the expert. The cosmetologist stressed that even if the list is lengthy, it can be presumed that every item benefited her. The actress lost her innate attractiveness while starting to look much younger.

Salma Hayek is really different now. I can make out the face’s flexibility or the presence of unseen tapes.

It’s time for a complete makeover. noticed Botox. According to Ayupova, the eyebrows and eyes were brought together.

When they viewed her new photos, Salma Hayek admirers were astounded. The Hollywood diva’s appearance changed, and now she is no longer distinguishable. Tatyana Ayupova alleges that the well-known actress received help from surgeons and cosmetologists.

The expert even listed the options available to 56-year-old Hayek. The cosmetologist emphasized that every item on the long list was helpful to her. Although the actress started to look younger, she also started to lose her natural beauty.

Salma Hayek “has significantly changed.” I think she may have utilized invisible tapes or face plasticity.

It’s time for a total revamp. One could see Botox. Ayupova told PopCornNews that “the brow line and the eyes were pulled.”

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