“Such a Heartbreaking Incident”: Bruce Willis Forgot That He Was On The Set Of The Film Due To a Terminal Illness!

Due to his fight with aphasia and eventual diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia, Bruce Willis revealed in March 2022 that he would be ending his acting career.

Props expert Alicia Haverland, a recent insider from the movie business, recently told a touching tale about Willis’ forgetfulness during the making of one of his final movies.

On the “Midnight in the Cereal Field” set in 2020, where Willis played a significant role, the incident happened.

Willis forgot he was on set while a diner scene was being filmed and mistakenly thought he was having lunch in a real café. The actor was required to have a full mug of coffee for the sequence, and Haverland would replenish it before each take.

Willis, however, told her to stop pouring more coffee during the seventh or eighth take because he didn’t want any more.

Willis inquired if more coffee had been ordered as Haverland tried to explain that it was for the scene. Haverland had to improvise in order to finish the performance after experiencing the tragic event, posing as a waitress. She finally persuaded Willis that he had truly asked for more coffee.

As a result, the condition actively worsens and has a substantial impact on his quality of life.

How did you find the actor’s family photos?

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