Ready for the summer! Kendall showed biкini under a trаnsparent dress

Getting ready for summer! Kendall exposed her bikini underneath a see-through dress.

The summer is rapidly approaching, therefore celebrities are already flaunting their great bodies in the sexiest beach outfits. Kendall Jenner decided to showcase her sense of style today by dressing in a transparent dress and a little black bikini.

The French model wearing this dress made the decision to eat dinner at a prestigious establishment. Kendall tried on a bodycon dress that highlighted her amazing form and matched it with black flip-flops.

Of course, the swimsuit, which was translucent due to the attire, was the main focus of the picture. Additionally, the beach towel and sunglasses simply served as a sign that the star will soon settle on the sands of the shore. Really admirable is Kendall’s sense of style!

Remember that in February, information about the model and musician’s connection became public for the first time. Then, according to the DeuxMoi portal, multiple witnesses observed how they kissed.

Following the insiders’ in-depth discussion of the star relationship. The pair just went to Coachella, a music festival.

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