“Long-Lasting Love”: Julianne Moore And Bart F. Make Rare Public Appearance After Over 20 Years Together!

When Julianne Moore appeared in one of Bart Freundlich’s movies in 1996, their romance officially began. Juliaanne’s first marriage was to John Gould Rubin, and they were married in 2003, making this their second unions.

The couple, who have been happily married for more than 20 years, was recently captured on camera by photographers while out on a stroll in New York.

Bart wore brown pants and a gray blazer, while Julianne, now 62, sported a stunning all-black suit. Check out the pictures that document their excursion!

Julianne Moore has divulged a lot of beauty tips in interviews.

Avoiding sun exposure is one of her main recommendations, and not just because she has pale skin that is vulnerable to UV rays.

The actress is adamant that using plenty of sunscreen is necessary for maintaining youthful skin since it helps prevent age spots and early wrinkles.

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