“Light Curls And a Dress With a Neckline”: Angelina Jolie Appeared With Her Daughter At The Airport And Surprised Everyone With Her Changed Appearance!

Zahara Jolie, who is a current student at Spelman College in Georgia, and Angelina Jolie had a lovely reunion. At the airport in New York, where they first met, Jolie seemed content and joyful.

Jolie decided to go for a new appearance at the time, lightening her hair to a softer tone. She elegantly wore a cropped black blazer with gold buttons to match with her light, plunging-necked white dress.

She opted for platform sandals that matched the dress and carried a large cream-colored bag.

Zahara showed off her mother’s sense of feminine style while doing the same. She wore a gray t-shirt, a miniskirt, and a brown cardigan for the occasion.

The former UN Goodwill Ambassador and her daughter walked through the airport terminal hand in hand and exchanged warm greetings while beaming with excitement.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife and his adopted daughter were spotted out and about in New York City later in the evening.

Jolie changed her outfit, choosing a cream sweater, a black pencil skirt, and beige pumps. Zahara was dressed in a canary-colored shirt, black bottoms, and casual footwear.

Jolie’s latest appearance has Jolie’s followers giddy with anticipation. Social media discussions range from criticism of her hair color, with remarks like “Dark hair suits her better,” to praise for her easygoing demeanor and capacity to form strong bonds with her kids.

The sudden switch to blonde hair has undoubtedly drawn attention.

Jolie recently revealed how her mother’s fight with ovarian and breast cancer affected her choice to have breast surgery. The actress made preparations to safeguard her own health.

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