In a wet biкini! Meg lures with hot cսrves

In a muddy bini! Meg tempts men with hot cries

Megan Fox, star of the movie Transformers, is on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 cover.

The popular actress’s 37th birthday and the publication of the annual issue of the Swimsuit Edition, which is devoted to famous girls in swimwear, fell on the same day. Along with Fox, the cover also featured TV host Martha Stewart, musician Kim Petras, and actress Brooks Nader.

A mother of several children (married to Brian Austin Green and the mother of three), Megan was outfitted for a photo session in gold shell chain mail and gold thongs, emphasizing her exceptionally powerful press, arms, legs, and elastic buttocks.

The famous person posed with a group of others kneeling in the surf.

The bride of Machine Gun Kelly was seen in another image wearing a form-fitting scarlet one-piece swimsuit. The lack of opportunity for fantasizing in the open sides and plunging neckline below the navel piqued the interest of enthusiasts.

The images of Megan Fox posing in a brown mini-bikini against a bamboo fence in the jungle were equally startling. The actress had a predatory air about her, and her blue eyes had a feline expression that could make any foe into a victim.

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