I hope it all burns down! inadequate chef with a kոife brоke into Benedict’s house

Hope everything burns down! Unqualified cook entered Benedict’s home brandishing a knife.

An angry admirer attacked the actor, age 46. A 35-year-old guy was robbed with bladed weapons on Benedict Cumberbatch’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) London estate.

A horrific occurrence has caused the British artist and his family to fear for their lives. An armed man suddenly entered Benedict’s villa’s grounds. It was discovered that he is Jack Bissell, 35, who served as the restaurant’s former chef while working at the five-star Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair.

The iron gates of Cumberbatch’s home in north London were scaled by a guy. He had a big professional fish-cutting knife in his hand. Uninvited visitor yanked the intercom out of the wall and uttered a barrage of scary threats.

“I am aware that you recently relocated. The man yelled, “I hope everything burns to the ground. The star of the BBC series Sherlock was filming while his wife Sophie Hunter, 45, and their three young sons, Christopher, 7, and James, 2, were also there.

Hal, age 6, and Finn Cumberbatch, age 3, were at home. They overheard Bissell yelling profanities. The stranger then grabbed the flower in the tub, hurled it against the house, spat into the intercom, and cut it out with a knife.

Naturally, the entire family was afraid and believed that this man would enter and harm them. Luckily, things didn’t escalate to that point. Since they began to worry that they would be attacked again, Benedict and Sophie have experienced numerous nights of insomnia.

A source close to the two-time Oscar nominee claimed that the fact that it was a targeted invasion made it even worse.

For £3.5 million, Benedict paid for the five-bedroom home in 2015. By the way, the artist owns other luxurious properties as well. It turned out that Jack had purchased two packages of pita bread from a neighboring shop prior to the attack on the actor’s house.

According to the Daily Mail, he yelled at the store owner that he planned to break into Cumberbatch’s home and set it on fire.

After leaving the area, Bissell was apprehended after authorities discovered his DNA on an intercom. The individual was unable to explain his fit of rage or why he chose to target a well-known artist and his family. He declined a free attorney as well.

After recognizing the harm the crime had caused, a Wood Green Crown court fined Bissell £250 and issued a three-year restraining order to keep him away from Cumberbatch, his family, and the neighborhood where they reside.

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