I am so proud of you! Beyoncé took 11-year-old daughter on stage during a concert in London

I’m really happy for you! Beyoncé brought her kid, age 11, on stage during a performance in London.

The musician, 41, made a stop in the British capital as part of a global tour. Beyonce (Beyonce) was joined by her eldest child Blue Ivy (Blue Ivy) from rapper Jay-Z (Jay-Z) during a magnificent number.

In London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium as part of the eagerly awaited Renaissance World Tour, the international superstar put on an incredible performance. When Beyoncé unveiled her eldest daughter to the British public, the crowd went crazy. The girl matched the artist’s attire by donning a red jumpsuit.

The student showcased her choreographic skills by performing alongside a group of expert back dancers while the musician was singing.

Beyoncé watched Blue Ivy perform while she sang the Kendrick Lamar song Alright. Jay-Z proudly observed from the VIP section of the stadium, where stars like Kris Jenner and Dua Lipa had flown to London to witness the Queen of R’n’B concert.

The performer uploaded video of her daughter. As part of her tour, she spoke movingly about the girl’s debut. “My lovely firstborn. I’m honored to be your mother and am so proud of you!

My lovely angel, you bring us such joy,” the artist said turning to face her daughter. Beyoncé and Jay-Z also have twins Rumi and Sir, who are five years old, as well as Blue Ivy.

The schoolgirl and her famous mother gave a concert in Paris on Friday. As the artist sang her songs My Power and Black Parade, she joined the dancers. According to the Daily Mail, Blue Ivy has also received stage attire that is comparable to Beyoncé’s stunning tour attire.

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