“From 727 lbs To a New Lease On Life”: The Inspiring Transformation Of Killas Givens!

In today’s post, a man named Killas Givens is profiled who was just 35 years old when he gained 727 pounds. He wanted to stop being a burden on his wife and three daughters.

He came to the realization that his weight was ruining both his marriage to Jessica and his personal life. He therefore made the decision to take action.

Due to his weight, Killas remained bedridden for about two and a half years, necessitating full-time care from his wife. Despite the fact that they met when Killas was already overweight, their love for one another remained unchanged.

Killas signed up for the reality program “I Weigh 727 lbs” in an effort to reduce his weight. He was really ill when he went to the doctor, and the doctor warned him that if he hadn’t done something, he might have passed away. This means that appearing on the show literally saved his life.

Killas shed almost 154 pounds during the first episode, and he even regained his ability to walk. After that, he underwent surgery to have his stomach size reduced, which accelerated his weight loss.

He shed 418 pounds in a year, and an amazing 462 pounds in a year and a half!

Killas underwent surgery to have the extra skin removed after drastically reducing her weight. He has tripled his job responsibilities and is once again enjoying a full life while also being able to support his family.

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