“Deep Neckline And Transparent Dress”: 20-Year-Old Daughter Of Catherine Zeta-Jones Made a Splash At The Cannes Film Festivala!

At the Cannes Film Festival, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas made a stunning entrance with their daughter Carys Douglas.

At the festival’s opening ceremony, where Carys made her eagerly awaited red carpet debut, the famous family was present. The 20-year-old had a chic evening appearance that expertly accentuated her gorgeous features.

Carys chose a sophisticated high updo with a clean center part hairstyle. The ambitious model enhanced her appearance with bronze-colored cosmetics.

She was dressed in a beautiful, floor-length, powder-colored dress made of sheer mesh and embroidered with fine floral details. Platform sandals and sizable earrings with dazzling stones completed the look.

Classic black tuxedo, white shirt, and patent leather shoes were all on display on Michael Douglas. The 78-year-old actor confidently strolled down the red carpet arm in arm with his wife and daughter. He turned to face Katherine and Carys, who both gave him tender kisses on the cheeks.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones have a son named Dylan who is 22 years old and a daughter named Carys.

Carys and Katherine have received countless accolades from fans of the celebrity family. Carys was acclaimed for her beauty, grace, and composure, and some people noted how much she resembled a younger Katherine.

However, several questioned whether Carys should have been wearing a transparent outfit close to her father.

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