“Action Heroes Don’t Retire”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Supports Seriously Ill Bruce Willis!

Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed his friend Bruce Willis, who has been dealing with health issues, in a recent interview with Cinema Blend.

Willis was identified as having aphasia last year, and his family disclosed that he also had frontotemporal dementia in February of this year.

Willis received praise from Schwarzenegger, who emphasized that his contributions to the field will never be forgotten. Despite his health issues, the former governor of California said that Willis is a fantastic actor and a lovely person.

Although Schwarzenegger acknowledged that Willis had to take a break from his acting career owing to health issues, he emphasized that action stars like Willis are never completely retired and may be relaunched in various ways.

Willis has reportedly struggled in recent years to remember even brief lines of conversation, according to sources.

The Golden Raspberry anti-award, which honors the worst work in the industry, was given to him for one of the lesser-caliber action movies he featured in toward the end of his career.

However, the award was taken away after his diagnosis. The actor has also made a $65 million real estate sale.

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