Рregnant star by the pool! Lindsey showed a changed figure in a swimsաit

Star near the pool who is pregnant! Lindsey displayed a different physique in a swimsuit.

At the resort, the American actress is taking a nap. Beach photos by Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) have been published.

The 36-year-old actress is expecting her first child with her husband, investor Bader Shammas. Lindsey strives to spend more time outside because she lives in Dubai. At this time, the pair is in an Oman resort. Shammas and Lohan are guests at the Six Senses Zighy Bay.

The star of the movie “Freaky Friday” went swimming and tanning. Lindsey dressed into a black monokini instead of her customary attire. Her plump belly was highlighted by her beachwear.

The actress wore sunglasses and put her hair back into a bun. A gold bracelet with a circular turquoise pendant was worn by Lohan on her wrist.
The famous person from Hollywood smiled while relaxing by the pool. Lindsey loosened her smile and struck a model’s pose.

Another beach photo was shared by the actress. In a swimming pool with breathtaking views of palm trees and mountains, Lohan swam in an orange bikini. The expectant artist gazed dreamily at the sky.

Fans of Lindsey are gushing about a rare clip. “You are glowing,” “Baby on board,” “You are very beautiful during pregnancy,” “It’s wonderful!”

The users commented, “Motherhood suits you,” “It’s great to see you flourishing again,” “Amazing frames,” and “She manages to keep the weight.”

Only one month after declassifying her pregnancy in March, Lohan made the decision to display her round tummy. In April 2022, the actress was married to her unborn child’s father. Bader relocated to the United Arab Emirates for employment, where he met Lindsey.

Lindsey recently hosted a party for close friends and family in honor of the unborn child. The celebrity released heartwarming family video. The actress’s husband got along with her sister and brother.

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