Uma Thurman in a wrinkled dress at the Cannes Film Festival

At the Cannes Film Festival, Uma Thurman wore a wrinkled dress.

The Cannes Film Festival’s opening ceremony, which is the most significant event for movie stars, just took place. On this occasion, a lot of well-known people showed there and vied for attention.

Uma Thurman, who lately hasn’t attended many secular holidays, also showed up on the red carpet. This time, the actress brought her lone kid, Levon, along instead of traveling alone.

The muse of Tarantino was reduced to minute elements. Many remarked on the star’s decision to go for a modest, natural look rather than colorful cosmetics or a complicated hairstyle.

She cut her hair short, just keeping a few curls close to her face, and put on minimal makeup that barely concealed her aging changes.

She received a lot of flak for her choice of clothing, but it was magnificent. The singer looked incredibly attractive in a chic Dior dress that was shaped like lingerie and featured the famous dusty pink hue.

She added a crimson train to a cape that wasn’t any less stylish to complete the Uma-like look. The ensemble was wrinkled due to the unique nature of the materials, making it appear as though the stylists did not thoroughly steam the dress and cape. This ruined the initial impression of the whole thing.

Thurman selected a bracelet, earrings, and neck choker, all of which were made of red or ruby pebbles and were in style this year.

Because of this, Uma Thurman’s image received a C grade from critics and fans; nevertheless, if she had been more selective in her material selection, she would have received a perfect score.

A young, dapper blond confidently strode alongside Uma as they made their way down the red carpet. The actress’s lone child, Levon, chose to accompany his mother to this occasion in order to support her.

Thurman-Hawk, who followed in her footsteps and is currently performing in films, is remarkably similar to his mother, as the star’s fans have observed.

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