To spite the ex-husband! JLo wore a cheeky goddess dress to her school play

To get even with the ex-husband! JLo attended her school play dressed as a cheeky goddess.

The love between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck has captured the attention of the entire globe for almost two years.

The couple demonstrated that returning to an ex-spouse is not always a negative choice. Lopez and Affleck are evidence that sometimes people need time to acknowledge their faults, work through them, and rebuild their relationships from scratch.

Ben and Jennifer both had three children from their past marriages, yet despite this, the actors were still able to raise their families as a close-knit unit.

For instance, Lopez supported her stepdaughter Serafina by attending her school play the other day with her husband. Ben’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, also attended this significant occasion for the family.

How lovely! It appears that this is the optimal dynamic for your connection with your ex. Social media users, however, still found something to gripe about. It’s all about Lopez’s outfit, which sparked a comment flurry online.

The Latin American star selected an opulent crimson ensemble with a slit and red high-heeled shoes for the performance. Such a lovely lace and tulle outfit is ideal for the well-known performer and actress.

Jennifer appears like she might be on the cover of a magazine thanks to the chic touch of a plunging thigh slit.

Nevertheless, despite the chic outfit, Lopez is widely criticized because, according to fans, her appearance is wholly improper for such a gathering. “I wouldn’t wear this to a play for kids,”

Who does she want to prove something to? Many celebrities dressed more modestly at the Cannes Film Festival. On the network, write.

The last question was quickly answered: fans are certain that Lopez dressed so ostentatiously to spite the former Ben because, according to insiders, their relationship is not the best. Garner, on the other hand, arrived for the concert wearing only a black jacket, a sweater, trousers, and white sneakers.

Fans claim that this ensemble is far more harmonized and suited for a school function than Lopez’s fashionable clothing.

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