The thоngs are out! Irina walked in a transparent dress and disgraced

We no longer wear thongs! Irina embarrassed herself by walking in a sheer outfit.

Nobody anticipated the Russian beauty to make such dramatic departures as she did this year in France. She appears more demure even on the catwalk, it seems.

Irina has previously sported fairly provocative attire on the red carpet. However, they just had one forthright feature, like a plunging neckline or a thigh cut that was cut extremely high.

She wore a Valentino dress with a puffy floor-length skirt, an open back, and a striking neckline that almost reached her waist as her first “Cannes” outfit of the season. But while it may appear impolite, the attire was actually a traditional red carpet look that even celebrities with less than ideal bodies, like Irina, could afford.

The Russian actress, however, managed to astound everyone the next day in a manner that was totally out of character for both her and film award ceremonies in general.

Such a costume would be appropriate for a party or a music festival, but not for Cannes. It would consist of a leather top with two ribbons that almost completely exposes the chest and a skirt made of the same material with a very low fit.

Irina then took a step farther and almost undressed. Her body was entirely exposed by a translucent, invisible Gucci dress, along with a little pair of panties, the lower portion of which had shifted to the side while she was walking.

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