Tоpless Star! Julia in a trаnsparent corset appeared at a party

The Tapless Star! Julia showed up at a party wearing a transparent corset.

Attending a Cannes Film Festival event was the American actress and model. Julia Fox once more astounded the audience with her outrageous attire.

Although she was invited to his party, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend was unable to attend the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. The Art Of Elysium Foundation hosts a charity gala every year, and Julia was invited as a guest. The business marked its 25th anniversary at this time.

The actress made sure to shine this evening by using all of her creativity and unique sense of style. Fox applied expressive makeup with light eyeliner, bronze shadows, and terracotta lipstick. She also casually pulled her hair back into a high updo.

The 33-year-old lead actress in the movie “Uncut Gems” tried on a corset from British fashion designer Cameron Hancock made of transparent material. Julia removed the bra to create a more provocative appearance.

The young mother wore the corset with Lillian Gabriela’s fluffy white bed skirt. Former boyfriend Kanye West used long dangling earrings, a necklace, a snake-shaped bracelet, and a ring to draw attention away from the semi-naked torso.

Julia expressed her gratitude for the amazing evening with a statement. Fox wasn’t embarrassed to be there on the red carpet. The actress relaxedly posed for the cameras without attempting to conceal her chest.

Fans of Julia are actively talking about her appearance. As if she had frozen her breasts, “I still love her,” “It looks too rough,” “What about her nipples,” and other comments. She’s funny, a user commented.

Julia is not hesitant to try new fashion trends. For a recent business meeting in Hollywood, she put together an interesting outfit. Fox outdid the traditional blazer with vibrant accents.

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